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Origin of Makeup

Origin of Makeup
Time: 2014-03-17 18:38:09     Copyfrom: QUEENSPENCIL

Makeup is a kind of feminine beauty technology with a long history. Ancient people painted various colors on the face and body to show god incarnate in order to expel the evil and display their own status and existence. Then this dress up gradually means adornment, on the one hand, it needs to change the appearance and attire during the play, to show the characters; On the other hand, it rises due to the practical use. For example, the ancient Egyptians coated with ink around the eyes, to make the eyes to avoid direct sunlight damage; the body was painted with sesame oil in order to protect the skin from the sun and insect infestation and so on. Nowadays, cosmetics have become a means for the women to pursue their beauty and its main purpose is to use cosmetics with manual skills to increase your natural beauty.

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Avon Brazil announces intent to market Coty fragrances