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UK beauty industry worth over £15bn

UK beauty industry worth over £15bn
Time: 2014-03-20 18:12:47     Copyfrom: QUEENSPENCIL

The UK beauty industry is in better shape than it has ever been, with a value of over £15bn and employing almost a million workers, according to research carried out by Cosmetic Executive Women UK, reports the Press Association. 

The study found that around one in six new beauty businesses in the UK are nail salons, while the facial skin care market is predicted to reach £1bn by the end of the year, thanks to growth in spending on anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle products. 

“The fast growing men’s market and the ageing process offer up all sorts of product possibilities,” commented Cosmetic Executive Women UK president Caroline Neville. 

“The ageing population offers a rich vein to be mined, the explosion of youth cultures and a rapidly expanding middle class in emerging markets offer new opportunities.”

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